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Welcome new lab members!

January 01, 2020

​Welcome Gunoh Lee, Jaemin Seong and Junyoung Han !

Gunoh, Jaemin and Junyoung join as undergraduate researcher ! 

New lab members!

August 07, 2019

Welcome Baohai and Jaeyu ! Baohai will study as Ph.D. student and Jaeyu will study as MS course ! 

Welcome Jaehyun!

September 01, 2019

Jaehyun has joined Lee's lab as undergraduate student !

He will study about synthesis of CVD materials with Manjae.

Have fun Jaehyn in your new home! :)

Welcome Hyejin : )

June 30, 2018

Hyejin has joined Lee's lab as undergraduate student.

She will study about polymer engineering and functional polymeric materials.

Have fun in Lee's lab Hyejin ! 

Manjae's paper was newly published in advanced science !

May 31, 2018

Manjae Gil, Seongjun Moon, Jaewon Yoon, Sahar Rhamani, Jae‐Won Shin, Kyung Jin Lee* and Joerg Lahann*, "Compartmentalized Microhelices Prepared via Electrohydrodynamic Cojetting" Advanced Science, 5, 6, 1800024 (2018.06.01)

Jihyun's paper was published in Journal of applied polymer science!

August 04, 2018

Jihyun Choi, Da Som Moon, Sam Gon Ryu, Bumjae Lee* and Kyung Jin Lee*, "Highly functionalized thermoplastic polyurethane from surface click reactions" Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 135 ,29, 46519 (2018.08.05)

Welcome Manjae, Kwangmo, Gyori, and Hanjin!

February 28, 2018

Welcome Manjae, Kwangmo, Gyori, and Hanjin! 

Manjae has joined as Ph.D. student, 

Kwangmo, Gyori  havs joined as M.S. student

and Hanjin has joined as B.S. student

Welcome all guys and have a happy time in Lee's lab

Congratulation ! all graduate !

February 22, 2018

Congratulation all graduate ! Youngjin and Jihyun get their master's degree. 

Youngjin and Jihyun will work in KRICT as intern researcher.  

Kihyeon, Kyueun, Gyori, and Eunbyeol get their B.S. degree and they will go on their master's degree in prof.Lee's lab in CNU 

Congratulation all guys! 

Jihyeon wins award for graduate research in presentation in KSIEC 2017 fall meeting

November 08, 2017

She presented about "highly functionalized polyurethane platform and its application using chromism". She got an excellence prize in KSIEC 2017 fall meeting.

Seongjun's paper was published in Advanced powder technology

October 26, 2017

Simultaneous control of size and surface functionality of silica particle via growing method

S. Moon, K.J. Lee / Advanced Powder Technology 28 (2017) 2914–2920

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