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​Kyung Jin Lee

Nationality  Republic of Korea

Address (School)  Chungnam National Univ. 99, Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry, W3-453, Daehak-ro 99 (St), Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, 34134, Korea


Contact Info

Office :  82-42-821-7009

E-mail : (

​Educational Positions

Nov 2009~

   Aug 2012

Post-Doctoral Associate

Department of Chemical Engineering at University of Michigan

Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

Principal Investigator: Prof. Joerg Lahann

Mar 2003~

   Aug 2009

Doctor of Philosophy

Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea

Integrated M. S. and Ph. D. Program, School of Chemical and Biological Engineering

Advisor: Prof. Jyongsik Jang

Major : Fabrication of one-dimensional nanomaterials using a hard template approach and their applications

Bachelor of Science

School of Chemical Engineering, Seoul National University

Mar 1999~

   Feb 2003

Professional Activities

Nov 2009~

   Aug 2012

Post-doctorial Associate in University of Michigan

(Principal Investigator: Prof. Joerg Lahann)

Sep 2012~


Professor, Chungnam National University, Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry

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